Saturday, January 16, 2010

Floor Time in the Office This Weekend...

I spent a few hours this weekend doing floor time, or sometimes referred to as "up time". (As opposed to 'down time', I guess...). Floor time is when a licensed real estate agent is "on call" in the real estate office to be able to answer real estate related calls from potential clients. Someone who is not a licensed agent is limited in what they can talk to potential clients about, as a real estate license is required to "solicit" the sale of real estate. Floor time is usually divided into shifts, as it is in my Coldwell Banker office, where agents have either a 2 or 3 hour shift where they field any such calls. The positive side to floor time for an agent is that any client who calls in during your shift & does not currently have an agent they are working with is open as a potential client - it is up to the agent to gain their business.

It is not always busy - often times I have spent a 2 hour shift with no calls whatsoever. Of course, with this job it seems like there is always SOMETHING to do, such as following up with clients, prospecting for new ones, and researching the market.

But you never know - I have met some wonderful clients through floor time. Two of them entrusted me to sell their BEAUTIFUL condominium, which closed successfully this week enabling them to move to their dream home in Palm Springs...

As one of my colleagues so eloquently put it, floor time for an agent is "like a lottery ticket".

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