Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Beautiful Day in Southern California!

A beautiful, picture perfect day in Southern California, looking just like the pic above!!!

Today I am going to be previewing some properties for a client in the Mount Washington area north of downtown Los Angeles. Looking forward to seeing some of the spectacular views and hopefully some spectacular properties as well...

I am excited that 2010 is here and starting off with a flourish! The real estate market looks very exciting and promising in the year to come, as the residential housing market leads the country out of the recession, and we continue to see double-digit increases in sales figures from month to month. Many people (the smart ones) see the incredible value in todays market, and the extention of the first time homebuyer tax credit, as well as the addition of the expanded credit to include ALL homeowners, looks to make it a promising year, and one where many many people will realize their dream of owning a home for the first time...

Photos of my day to follow...

***************** Update ********************
Had quite an adventure with my daughter.. Unfortunately, not all of the places we saw looked all that promising, such as the house in the photo below... What you are looking at below is the window to the front bedroom of one of the places. Don't think I would feel all that safe here...

But, after seeing a few other places, the next place we saw, located in the community of Mount Washington north of Downtown Los Angeles, had some SPECTACULAR views! Unfortunately, it was not the kind of place my client was looking for as far as the house goes (although better than the one above!!!) - it was a little too small, but it was worth making the trip for the views alone..

First, we had to negotiate the precarious hilltop road leading to the property:

But once we made it, we negotiated a narrow staircase built into the hill, to arrive at the back porch area of the house:

...where the views were SPECTACULAR!!! Here is my daughter enjoying the incredible views of the San Gabriel mountains:

Anyhow, it turned out to be a strikeout for my client as far as the properties I saw that day, and and I am continuing my search.. But that is why I like to preview homes for my clients. I know their time is valuable, and I don't want to waste it until I find something worthwhile for them to see!! Onward and upward!!!

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