Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eagle Rock Featured in the New York Times...

Countless thousands of people in the Big Apple will have their attention focused on our little community of Eagle Rock on Thursday, as the New York Times publishes a feature article on the front page of their Fashion & Style section entitled "When the Next Wave Wipes Out".

The article discusses the effects that the economy downturn could possibly have on neighborhoods such as Eagle Rock which are undergoing gentrification and revitalization, when the neighborhoods then begin a reversion of sorts as business move out of the neighborhood.

Personally, I've lived here in Eagle Rock for eighteen years, and have seen first-hand the amazing changes that has taken over the community in the last 5-10 years, as the article points out. There have been a few businesses to close down recently - I was especially sad and sorry to hear of the closing of Lucy Finch, a boutique that was opened and operated by a friend and old neighbor of mine. (But at least she got her picture in the New York Times - nice job, Rainy!!) But overall, I feel that the article makes it sound worse than it is - many of the new stores, cafes and coffee shops that have opened over the recent years are still going as strong as ever, and not THAT many have closed down! There is definitely still a vibrant and different feel to this community than there has been in the past, and everyone I know who lives here absolutely loves it!! Its going to take a lot more than a few stores closing to dampen the spirit and the pulse of this town... Long live Eagle Rock!!

The full text of the New York Times article can be found HERE.

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