Saturday, May 8, 2010


About a year or so ago, Dahlia Heights Elementary School in Eagle Rock received a brand new sign at the edge of the school property, on the corner of Colorado Blvd. & Floristan Avenue. The sign was constructed of carved stone and stood proudly at the front of the school, but unfortunately, not for long. Within a few days of being installed, the sign was vandalized when it was smashed and broken, the beautiful carved stone laying in pieces on the ground. For over a year, the bare signpost has stood as a sad reminder, but no longer.

On Friday, thanks to the generosity of Beau Boeckmann, Tiffany Walker, and "Mad Mike" Martin of Galpin Ford (, a new sign which they created and donated was dedicated at Dahlia Heights and now stands proudly where the old one once stood. The new sign is constructed of vandal resistant acrylic, which will not break or scratch, and will allow for easy simple wipe-off of any paint or marker. The sign is also hooked up with a solar powered light system to light up at night, thanks to Advanced Solar Electric (

Some of you may remember "Mad Mike" Martin from MTV's 'Pimp My Ride'. As a special treat for the kids (and the grownups), he was nice enough to bring a special little toy with him, seen below:

Thanks to all for their genorosity for making this new sign a reality!

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